We LOVE to hear from our tenants...we take YOUR opinion into account and do our best to provide you with a great home that suites your personal needs and style.  Here's what you have told us:


"Wow...thanks so much...That is sooo nice of you! Thanks a lot to the best landlord I ever had!!" - Jon S.


"Paul is a landlord who cares for his tenants..." - Andrew N. 


"After having trouble finding a place we contacted NorthernLights in regards to a suite. When they showed us the suite we were amazed. And just a few short days later we were approved and moved into our new home. We love it. Thanks for everything. Also the landlords are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!" - Crystal M.


"Thanks so much for everything..."  - Steph M.


"Just wanted to say thanks for always going just a little over the top to help us out.  We really appreciated all your help...thanks heaps for everything! All the best"  - Connie R.


"Thanks so much for the past year of landlordship. Your personal touches really meant a lot.  Thanks for caring so much about [us] in the big city...all you did is really appreciated."  - Amanda V.


Email, write, or call us and we'll add your comments and testimonials to the site.